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Grim Guard Light Artillery - 4 Crew Included - StationForge

Grim Guard Light Artillery - 4 Crew Included - StationForge

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You will receive the physical 3D printed parts from the image(s) displayed in the listing. There is no need for cleaning and all parts are ready to paint straight from the box.


Conversion Time is proud to be a licensed merchant of StationForge, their Patreon can be found at the following link:

If you have any print requests feel free to contact me and any model printing you need can be arranged.

Additional Information:
Please be aware that 3D printed miniatures require additional support to hold the miniature in place during the printing process. Due to this, they can sometimes leave minor marks on the miniature. However, we try our best to minimise this and do quality control/clean-ups before any product is released.
Legal stuff:
This shop is not affiliated in any way with the companies that produce the kits you can convert with my products

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